John Atkinson Grimshaw

English Victorian artist John Atkinson Grimshaw is best known for his nocturnal scenes of urban subjects, making him the most accomplished nightscape artist of all time. Grimshaw strived for realism more so than any other artist, proven by the nonexistence of brushwork in his paintings. His mastery of lighting and technique impressed fellow artists and critics alike. Grimshaw lived a simple adolescence. He left his stable job as a railway clerk to become a painter. His first exhibition featured birds, fruits, and flowers. His renown came only when he began to sell his iconic moonlit artworks. He made enough money to afford a 17th century mansion, naming it Castle by the Sea. His mansion was an investment: the artwork that Grimshaw proceeded to produce was inspired from new views and a status he never had. After a full life, Grimshaw died of tuberculosis, proceeded by his legacy of nocturnal townscapes.

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