When Size Matters: Choosing the Right Canvas Size for Your Living Space

Any person keen on aesthetics will agree that adding wall-art to your living space will not only enhance it but also become an eye-catching part of it. Artwork of the right orientation and dimensions can complement the room, while artwork of the wrong size can often debase the living space.


The real challenge is searching for original artwork that not only suits your taste and budget but also blends perfectly in the room. More so, you may know your style and you may have reckoned with your budget but don’t forget to take size and shape into account.


If you find yourself staring at blank and bare walls, unsure about where to begin, here’s a short and sweet guide to help you get started.


Read the space

Before you decide to purchase a beautiful canvas painting or a framed print, gauge the room to identify how it can be added to your space and which size will fit best. A great hack to help you visualize it is by

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