American Realist painter Edward Hopper created the iconic late-night diner scene Nighthawks, which exemplified the style and nature of his body of work. He depicted his view of American life, featuring anonymous figures in an urban setting, evoking an overall feeling of loneliness. He was born into a middle-class life, exhibited natural talent young, and studied formal illustration. He landed a job after graduation at an advertising agency, and while it gave him a steady paycheck, he found the work creatively stifling and unfulfilling. He often took trips to break away from his life. One trip was to Paris, and the visit exposed him to different art styles, mainly impressionism, which helped shape his own. After returning from the trip, he finally began to exhibit his own art and made sales, though not as well as he wished. His renown inevitably came, and he sold art to museums for thousands of dollars each. He married a lovely successful painter who became the primary female model for his work when the piece called for one.

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