English painter John William Waterhouse is best known for his depiction of mythological, legendary women. His artistic style started as Academic but morphed into Pre-Raphaelite. He held a passion for natural settings and subjects and was deeply inspired by natural beauty. His works became extremely popular to his primary male patrons, who also enjoyed Waterhouse’s depictions of beautiful women. Waterhouse gained true recognition only after selling a piece to an aristocrat; after that, his career took a turn for the best. Waterhouse was born in Italy to a family of painters. They led a quiet life. Waterhouse would frequently assist his father in his art studio, where he learned his individual artistic skillset. He had more traditional training at Royal Academy where he studied sculpture and painting. He eventually married, lived as fully as he could as a painter, but the latter part of his life was overshadowed by his cancer, which ultimately killed him. He left over 200 paintings in his name.

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