Matthias Grünewald

Religious German Renaissance painter Matthia Grünewald is remembered by only 22 paintings and 37 drawings. Many of his works were lost at sea on their way to Sweden as war loot. His style of late medieval Central European art was a rebellion against popular Classic styles. His style is best described as monumental and realistic, using vibrant colors and refined control of light. His largest and most prolific work is the Isenheim Altarpiece, a multitych with mainly biblical depictions, and is currently on display in a Colmar museum. Little is known about this artist. He is believed not to have had pupils or proper training. Grünewald supported himself through art, but also as an engineer who built watermills and fountains. Fun fact: his real name is Mathis Gothard and was accidentally named Grünewald by an early biographer.

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